Why Iron Roof Cleaning is Important

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Why Iron Roof Cleaning is Important
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Why Iron Roof Cleaning is Important

When you think of iron roof maintenance, usually repair and replacement come to mind, but what about iron roof cleaning? How to clean your iron roof properly should be at the forefront of your mind because keeping on top of this could save you money and hassle in the long run.


As you know, weather causes havoc with any type of roof, but so does the build-up of salt spray, dirt and dust. Iron roof installers suggest cleaning your iron roof at least once a year to help with roof maintenance.


DIY Iron Roof Cleaning

While there are many DIY instructions on iron roof cleaning you need to take extra caution if you are going to proceed with it.

Iron roof cleaning can be a very potentially dangerous thing to do, especially if the slope (or pitch) of your roof is over eighteen degrees in pitch. If your roof has a high slope, please use an iron roof cleaning company, this ensures your safety and a properly cleaned roof.

Usually iron roof cleaning is done using a pressure washer, a mixture of chemicals including chlorine bleach or sodium hydroxide. Both chemical methods are toxic, so extreme care must be used when using these chemicals.


Use a Professional to Clean your Iron Roof

Having a contract with an iron roof cleaner is the best way to ensure your safety and upkeep of your property. Our specialists have the knowledge, experience and proper tools to assess your roof, clean it properly and not damage any foliage surrounding your home or building.

Special care needs to be taken while iron roof cleaning and adding to the safety factor is the introduction of water and chemicals. This can make your roof a dangerous place to be.

Pressure washing as an iron roof cleaning technique will remove a lot of build-up of sand and salt, which naturally builds up in coastal parts of New Zealand. Iron roofs can withstand the pressure washing and it’s a very good start to the cleaning process. Using water with chemicals eliminates the risk of the salt reacting with water and possibly creating an area for rust to grow and flourish.

Using a professional to clean your iron roof will ensure that not only will your roof be cleaned properly, but also our professionals will assess your roof for any potential issues. They will alert you of any damage that needs repair immediately.


Other Factors to Consider

Often if an iron roof is not maintained properly or if the building is located close to an area of water, then iron roof cleaning will be needed more than once a year.

Gutters usually hold a lot of material that is naturally washed off a roof during rainstorms. They remove the rainwater and debris, but they also do collect a lot of dirt and salt which is heavier than the water being removed. This makes gutters a prime area for rust to occur.

Areas around chimney flues, screw holes and any other corners or crevices can also collect dirt and salt. They need to be thoroughly cleaned as well to prevent build-up that leads to rusting.

If your iron roof has not been cleaned in a while or ever then there may be damage to your roof and repairs and repainting will need to be untaken to alleviate potential structural damage.

Iron roof cleaning should be part of the maintenance of your iron roof. Apex Roof and Clad offer this service to customers, as it is a vital part of making sure that your roof life is maximised and your home or building remains appealing to the eye.

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