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New Roofing

New Build, Renovation or Extension?
Apex are your team for new roofing!

Choosing new roofing for your home can be a stressful and confusing process. Which style or product is best for your needs? How can you be sure the advice you’re given is genuinely in your best interests? What about matching your new roofing with existing roofing when considering extensions? And had you considered the location of your home, and how this may affect your roofing needs?


Relax – Apex Roof ‘N’ Clad have the answers to all of your questions!


When considering new roofing, it’s always best to speak to professional roofers with experience in your particular requirements. That way you can be sure the advice you receive comes from experience over sales, and could save you a lot of time, money, and effort!


The crew at Apex Roof ‘N’ Clad are among Whangarei’s most qualified and knowledgeable roofing teams, with hands-on experience in a wide diversity of builds, locations, designs and unique requirements!

Coastal build? Extreme UV rays? High winds?

Kiwis are clever. We know this, because the products we use have been designed specifically to withstand the harsh New Zealand climate – our strong UV rays, our salty, corrosive coastal winds, and our harsh frosts.


From one extreme to another, the range of high grade Colorsteel and marine grade Colorsteel longrun roofing we prefer provides dependable and long-lasting new roofing for every style of home.


Marine grade Colorsteel has been produced specifically for coastal regions, where the corrosive impacts of salt can reduce the lifespan of roofing. The pure practicality of this product alone makes it a stand-out choice for Northland home owners, and the wide choice of colours and profiles simply adds to the ease of selection.


Living within 50 meters of the beach? You’ll need coastal grade aluminium roofing: and we can tell you exactly why, how and what’s involved.


Learn more about our range of new roofing, and get practical, down-to-earth advice about your needs!


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