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When your roofing goes up
We keep your reroofing costs DOWN


When considering reroofing your home, it pays to keep a close eye on your reroofing costs. Apex Roof ‘N’ Clad are able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of all costs involved in your reroofing project, with a transparent step-by-step project pricing schedule. Each reroofing project is different – unique in scope, unique in needs, and – of course – unique in pricing! Our team assesses each project individually to ensure our pricing is tailored to your reroofing needs.

The Reroofing Process

When engaging a professional roofing contractor, you will discover that your reroofing project is actually comprised of a number of steps. Through following these steps, your experienced contractor will be able to identify your needs, allowing you to accurately manage your reroofing costs. What are the steps involved?


  • Inspection, Measurement and Planning: Apex Roof ‘N’ Clad will visit your home to visually inspect your roof, measure your roofing and guttering, and discuss your exact needs and wants from a new roof.

  • Roofing Selection and Free Quotation: Our team will then return to base, creating a plan for your project and identifying the best, most cost-effective reroofing solution for your needs. We will create a quote for your reroofing, offering you a choice in products along with price differentials. You will also be presented with a selection of colours and profiles – which we’re also happy to help with the selection of!

  • Site Preparation: Apex Roof ‘N’ Clad follow strict health and safety best practices, and part of this entails that each site we work on is prepped prior to work commencing. This will involve erecting scaffolding and forming the site-specific safety plan.

  • Stripping of Existing Roof: Our team will begin stripping your existing roofing away; assessing the underlying structure as they go. Should any rotten or damaged battens or framework be uncovered, these will be replaced as required. This is an area where your reroofing costs can differ from the supplied quote, and we are careful to keep open communication with our clients at this point.

  • Insulation and Reroofing: The Apex team will now begin installing your new roof. At this stage we recommend installing insulation as it is much quicker and easier to do while the roof is removed. This part of the process is usually completed quickly and efficiently, avoiding any damage to your home through prolonged exposure to the elements. Your roof will be left clean and tidy, with any excess materials carefully removed.


    Through following this step-by-step process, Apex Roof ‘N’ Clad are able to provide a high level of accuracy with their estimations, keeping your reroofing costs low and providing you with an efficient, professional, and long-lasting reroofing service!


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