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There’s no doubt that roof tiles are one of the most stylish roofing products and are a great way to add real value to your home.


In New Zealand, our roofs take the brunt of harsh UV, wind, earthquakes, fire and more, so when it comes to choosing roofing tiles, you need to choose a product that can withstand the worst weather conditions. 


At Apex, our many years’ experience with a range of roofing products means we know a superior roofing product when we see it. When you want a stylish roofing tile that is cost effective, durable and sustainable, Metrotile are the best on the market.


With 10 stylish profiles to choose from, Metrotile tiles are designed to look great on any home, anywhere!


Roof tiles made in NZ to the highest standards

With the highest quality product in mind, Metrotile developed their product through rigorous testing conducted by an independent body to ensure their roof tiles can withstand the harshest weather conditions. 


Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Metrotile tiles are made from Zincalume® protected steel which is hail, wind and fire resistant – making them perfect for New Zealand’s conditions.


Cost effective and sustainable roofing tile solutions

Metrotiles are up to 7x lighter than traditional concrete or clay roofing tiles which means they require less fuel in transportation and less framing for support – saving you money and lessening the carbon footprint of your home!


If you have any questions about the Metrotile products that we stock, or for a quote, contact the team at Apex Roof N Clad today. You can rely on us to give the right advice for your roofing needs.


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