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Health & Safety

What makes an industry leader?
Roofing Health and Safety


When considering roofing, health and safety is a primary concern. In fact, one of the easiest ways to judge the quality of a roofing company is to consider their health and safety standards – and trust us, the standards are important. While experience, pricing, and ability are all extremely valid references when choosing your roofing company, be sure to also check up on their certifications and licences: this is no area to be cutting corners, and any roofer worth their salt will have everything lined up and ready for inspection.


Apex Roof ‘N’ Clad not only meet industry health and safety requirements, we exceed them.


Why? Because we understand the reasons behind the roofing health and safety requirements, and because we respect our clients enough to train, retrain, learn best practice techniques as they are instituted, and to continue upskilling ourselves and any team members who join us.

Scaffolding: are you covered?

Ask your roofing contractor about edge protection: if they brush you off, walk away! Edge protection and scaffolding are integral to roofing health and safety, and here at Apex Roof ‘N’ Clad we’ve taken it to the next level. We have our own scaffolding and edge protection supplies, and a team of qualified scaffolders: all to ensure that any job we take on is done right. Save time, save money, save effort - Apex has you covered.


Apex Roof ‘N’ Clad are committed to providing the benchmark in roofing services – and we show this through our investment in training, our qualifications and our adherence to industry health and safety best practice.

Ask us for our roofing health and safety qualifications before your next job!