Five Steps for Adding Roof Insulation When Re-Roofing

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Five Steps for Adding Roof Insulation When Re-Roofing
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Five Steps for Adding Roof Insulation When Re-Roofing

If your roof is leaking or is clearly at the end of its useful life, you will want to consider adding roof insulation when re-roofing. There are several re-roofing options. You could add building paper to reduce the moisture that builds up, add insulation that may not have been there before or change or repeat the type of roofing material used.


Roof Insulation: Adding Insulation When Re-Roofing

If you want to re-roof your Northland home, there are new Restricted Building Work codes in effect and you need a professional roofer to do the job. Lots of roofs in this area are metal and you need to use the correct insulation and materials when re-roofing a metal roof.


Re-roofing involves four different activities depending upon the condition of your roof and your budget. The four options you have are:

  • Roof repair

  • Roof restoration or rejuvenation

  • Roof retrofit and recovery

  • Roof removal and replacement or complete re-roofing


Two popular options are:

  • Roof removal and replacement, which is the largest and more comprehensive job.

  • Roof retrofit and recovery or re-roofing on top of the existing metal and using hugger brackets made for roofs. This is good if you don’t need to replace and don’t want to temporarily relocate your business or expose your home to the elements.


When re-roofing a metal roof you have the chance to add insulation. Both heat and cool air is lost through the roof, so having good insulation will save energy. It will save you money on your bills and make your home or office more comfortable. Adding insulation when re-roofing is always cost effective in both the long-term and the short-term.


If you want to re-roof by placing the new metal roofing sheets over the current ones then roof insulation can be layered over the top of the roof hugger brackets and before the new roof sheeting is laid.


You have more insulation and higher R-value choices if you remove and replace the original metal roof. When you remove and replace the metal roof, you expose the roof purlins. Your choice of insulation can lie on top of new metal panels.


It is even possible when doing a complete removal and re-roofing to add a double layer of insulation. How much insulation and how high of a R-value you add depends upon factors such as climate and your budget.


Here are the basic steps to adding insulation when re-roofing:

  • Remove the old metal roof to the purlins and sheathing. Make sure all your wood is good before moving on. Replace any as needed.

  • Add new roofing paper on top of the sheathing to stop potential leaks. Overlap the paper six to eight inches. Use roofing galvanized nails.

  • Now add your new roof insulation

  • Now install your corrugated metal roofing


New materials such as radiant barriers and reflective roof insulation will increase the R-value but will also increase your budget costs. These materials are installed under the metal panels in the same way as the corrugated foam insulation sheets. Contact us for more information.

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