A modern and stylish wall cladding solution


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A modern and stylish wall cladding solution
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A modern and stylish wall cladding solution

TRS Interlocking and Standing Seam


TRS Architectural Roofing and Cladding are rendered to mimic the stunning, sought-after look of genuine hardwood designs or sleek slate-looking tiles without the fixing, weight, upkeep, the renovation worries (for real timber), and cost-related with actual timber and stone roofing materials. TRS Architectural profiles of laminated roofing and cladding are offered in a huge range of colors, designs, and textures. TRS provides high definition design and quality as it provides depth and contour on each profile.

InterLock Pannel

The interlocking panel's unique design allows them to be used for cladding, fascias, soffits, and interior feature walls. This system can be installed vertically or horizontally.  The panels are simply connected by the use of an interlocking groove, giving the elegant appearance of a recessed joint.  A major advantage to interlock is concealed fixings, which give a sleek and smooth finish. Available in a range of variable pan sizes from 155mm to 260mm.

Standing Seam

TRS Standing Seam is a wide tray roofing system. It is fixed to solid substrates such as plywood or timber sarking. Standing Seam is ideal for roofing,  soffits, and fascia. Using traditional European techniques this look enhances the style of any structure. Trays are connected together using a variety of seam and cap methods, depending on functional and aesthetic requirements.

Standing seam offers much more flexibility than any other metal cladding. Shapes can vary from a standard parallel tray to a conical tray with straight or curved sheets. It is possible (when using appropriate material) to produce complex designs such as turrets and curved roofs, to customise the appearance of any building. Specification at a glance

Check out some of our latest projects to see how this awesome product looks. 

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